A better connection between people

Zion Association Tech Group stands out as a company driven by its purposes and goals.

Serving our friends is our duty and priority. Zion Tech offers technical support to its members so they can become successful professionals.

Our business relationships mean everything to us. As an associate, you are a priority above any kind of business. We cultivate a family-oriented corporate environment in which morals and good character are the main objectives that we pursue every day. In consequence of this, we increase productivity with efficiency and quality.


We work in a professional manner. We have capable people in their respective positions, for certain reasons.

Our knowledge and our organization is improving day by day with our continued search for competent members that posses a character in accordance with our policy.

If you agree with the Zion Tech policy, you may also become an associate.

































Zion Tech Products for Endoscopy

  • Urology
  • Working Element
  • Working Element

  • Laparoscopy
  • Suction / irrigationZT
  • Suction / irrigationZT